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Industrial IT



Development of software applications for industry

Supervision, embedded software combining innovation and ease of use

We develop software applications for industry, embedded electronic systems and industrial IT systems. All industrial IT is custom-made with a focus on innovation and ease of use. Our developers are committed to incorporating the human dimension, ergonomics and user satisfaction into our solutions. That’s the Dralam way.

Customised development… Quality and traceability at the best price

Anticipating future needs allows us to develop longer-lasting solutions, avoids obsolescence, creates a competitive advantage and ultimately makes for a better investment. We develop our industrial IT solutions based on a unified holistic approach, at the best possible price. The best quality, the best support at the best price!

A designated specialist for all services on or off site

From the time you place an order, a commercial or technical manager is assigned to you in our ERP. Every order is scrupulously monitored for complete traceability. We can provide after-sales service at any time, even for old orders. Our clients may forget, but we remember!


  •   Langages Windev, Java, visual studio
  •   Embedded Linux
  •   Test benches (Labview))
  •   Supervision
  •   Configuration interface
  •   Production traceability


Example :
For MBtech, we created a traceability data acquisition software for a printed-circuit cleaning machine, comprising an acquisition application, the recording of traceability data, print-out of the acceptance testing report, real-time communication with the machine and batch sorting.



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