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Development of electronic equipment at the right price with the shortest lead time

Specialising in communicating industrial electronics, our engineering department designs and develops custom-made electronic cards and connected objects. All control electronics and data acquisition, management and communication electronics at a price you can’t beat and delivered with the shortest lead time!

We offer comprehensive support from design through to after-sales service

From design through to production, we fully adhere to regulations on the safety of equipment and people. Our solutions are perfectly suited to their technological environment and therefore provide total satisfaction!

Our priority is safety, which we ensure by full compliance with all relevant standards

Because we want to be part of our clients’ success, we are present throughout the entire lifetime of our solutions. We understand our clients’ business and the markets in which they operate. In fact, we pride ourselves on remembering our clients’ unique characteristics and requirements. !


  •   Wireless communication (radio, GPRS, etc.)
  •   Acquisition
  •   Engine control
  •   Sensor conditioning
  •   Management of complex processes

Exemple :

Agralis. We worked with Agralis to develop an adjustable irrigation and watering system for areas from 10 to 100 hectares. Featuring wireless sensors to detect and record data, automatic control of valves for irrigation, fertilizer addition for precision agriculture and remote control by GPRS, the system is now in use at Disneyland Paris.

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Appareil de mesure d’intégrité des modules de filtrations. Les membranes sont aujourd’hui utilisées pour la filtration des eaux potables. Le rôle...

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