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Automated systems



Design of monitoring and control systems

Our mission: to develop innovative, economical and user-friendly automated systems

Because complex problems can’t be solved with standard solutions, we develop tailor-made solutions for your industrial monitoring and control systems. By keeping a close eye on the latest technological developments, we can guarantee cutting-edge technology as well as custom-made innovations based on our years of experience. Our wide-ranging solutions will meet all your needs at a price that suits you!

User satisfaction is a hallmark of success

We know that user satisfaction is key to the success (practical and/or commercial) of any equipment, which is why we aim to make technology that works for you. Our service is more than simply technical... we put our heart into what we do.

Thinking ahead makes financial sense

Anticipating future technological needs allows us to develop longer-lasting solutions, avoids obsolescence, creates a competitive advantage and ultimately makes for a better investment. As part of our commitment to developing equipment at the best possible price, we therefore offer the best technological option (IoT, MtoM, radio, GPRS) for long-term success.
  •   Speed control
  •   Thermal control
  •   Axis interpolation
  •   SCADA architecture
  •   Supervision
  •   Fieldbus


Example :
We developed a monitoring and control system for the production of drinking water at Taaone hospital in Papeete (Tahiti), remotely controlled from St. Sauveur. The system included supervision of the ultrafiltration of a water system operating at 30 m3 per hour (two 15-m3 facilities), a master module and several communicating slave modules using Modbus TCP/IP.


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20Nov, 15
Projet Rochet

Automatisme, interfacage système pour intégration de coupeurs à fils sur des lignes de productions. Rochet, entreprise spécialisée depuis 40 ans...

28Oct, 15
Projet Aqualis

Aqualis, station de mesures météo-irrigation-arrosage et automatisme des apports. Aqualis est une solution communicante d’acquisition et de...

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